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Not all firms come equipped with a silver tongued salesman. Fewer come equipped or have access to a seasoned, professional, dedicated pre-need counselor. Throughout the country in any market we serve, the firms that implement the use of a dedicated pre-need counselor consistently outperform and write more pre-need than firms trying to handle in house.

The truth is that unless you are a mom and pop firm there are not enough hours in the day to focus on a successful pre-need program, let alone implement a mediocre pre-need program if one doesn’t already exist. For firms committed to growth, which realize and embrace the benefits of a dedicated pre-need writing agent, we will actively search, train, and manage a professional, licensed agent focused solely on growing your pre-need production.

The numbers never lie, see firsthand and take your pre-need program to the next level. Inquire about a dedicated writing agent today!



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