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Following our strategy means money in the bank.

Today more than ever the consumer wants to be addressed as an individual, not as group. Gone are the days of mass marketing and the shotgun approach; welcome to the new millennium of micro-marketing.

VPP will help you create a lasting first impression, effective communication isn’t just about reach it’s about touch. We will help your firm gain new customers through a regimen of finely tuned direct mail pieces, relational marketing strategies and channel selection.


Our dedicated team will create a custom pre-need program that will fit any size firm, budget, or perceived saturated market... READ MORE >>


To meet the unique needs of your firm, we offer an array of specialized services... READ MORE >>


As a VPP Partner you'll have access to a wide variety of colorful direct mailers and postcards... READ MORE >>


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Our unique approach will enable your firm to not only survive but thrive in this ever changing industry. Truly effective marketing is a combination of art and science, fact, figures, and creativity, a melding of statistics and subjectivity.

Once you engage your customers eyes, minds, and hearts; their wallets will soon follow.


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