Vantage Point Preneed

Deborah Cassidy

Deborah Cassidy at Vantage Point Preneed
Deborah Cassidy
West Laurel Hill Cemetery/Bringhurst Funeral Home

Vantage Point Preneed, Inc. is a first class company!! We are very fortunate to have chosen you as the insurance provider for our families advanced final arrangements.

From the initial meeting with Mr. Hindman and Mr. Williams to the regularly scheduled visits, we are extremely pleased with the services and products your company provides. You are always very responsive, professional and have fulfilled all your promises in helping our families feel secure in their pre-need planning.

It is a pleasure to work with a firm which not only understands what products our families need but you continue to add value through new ideas and new products.

You have surpassed our expectations and have proven to be the right choice for our company. I would recommend you with the highest of compliments.

Thank you for your great service. Wishing you continued success.

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